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Character Coaches

What Is a Character Coach?

“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” - Proverbs 4:23

This ancient wisdom still holds true! If anyone knows this, it's the coach. The content of a players heart will eventually play itself out in some way. One of the most important roles a coach plays in preparing players for competition and life is to give them a chance to develop good character. We expect the coach to have a game plan for the X's and O's of our sport.  What isn’t always clear is how to coach character. Individuals who are serving teams in the capacity of character coach have been around for 100 plus years. Our military learned as far back as the American Revolution that during times of war chaplains were critical to counsel and motivate young men. As coaches prepare their athletes for competition, having a character coach that comes alongside to serve the athletes and coaching staff is a time tested game plan of success.

What Does a Character Coach Look Like?

Character Coaches could take on a number of different roles including the following:

  • Lead and coordinate chapel services.
  • Provide personal care to players, coaches, and support staff
  • Alert the coach to critical issues that could affect his or her program
  • Be available and equipped at all  times to help in crisis situations
  • Provide training and resources for character development and life management skills
  • Pray for, encourage and exhort players, coaches, coaches’ families and support staff

What Does It Take To Become a Character Coach?

FCA wants to provide teams with the best trained, most effective character coaches that we can, so we have created a process:

  1. Initiation of a relationship with an FCA staff member

  2. Complete Ministry Leader Application online

  1. Character Coach training with FCA staff

  2. Placement with team

  3. Connect with other character coaches on a regular basis through FCA organized meetings

Character Coach Resources

Click HERE for helpful resources and information for our local character coaches.