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Family Strong Night of Celebration

FCA Celebration (2)

"Family Strong" Celebration February 27, 2018

Our "Family Strong" Celebration will benefit the Whitfield/Murray Co. FCA Ministry, directed by Dave Grusnick. This year's banquet will be held on Tuesday, February 27 at 7PM at the historic Wink Theater in downtown Dalton.  Thank you to all our "Home Team" partners who made this possible through your generous gifts of encouragement! Our local FCA staff currently has over 1900 students meeting weekly through FCA in 15 schools in Murray and Whitfield counties!  

Over the past several years, our banquet celebration has provided over 50% of the resources needed for FCA to minister to all our schools in Whitfield and Murray Counties. FCA is clearly an efficient and effective platform to reach our young people with the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

 We will also spotlight several local athletes and coaches.  We have wonderful blessings to share and would be deeply grateful for your attendance!  

We would like to give you the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful event this year.  There are multiple levels in which you can participate:

  • Celebration Sponsor - Details are on the right side of this web page.
  • FCA Celebration Friend - Details are on the right side of this web page.
  • Personal Reservation - Tickets are $10 each.  Complete the form below to do this.


Online Payment

Use this button to pay for the following items online:

  • Celebration Sponsorships
  • FCA Celebration Friends
  • Individual Ticket

Online Payment

FCA Family Strong Celebration Sponsor Registration

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes of Northwest Georgia invites you to sponsor and attend our annual celebration.  This year's keynote speakers are Vince and Barbara Dooley!  We are excited to have this couple as our speakers for our 2018 event!  We will also have testimonies from local athletes and coaches.  Please consider one of the following levels of participation:

Red Sponsorship-$2000-includes 20 tickets to Celebration, private reception and recognition in all marketing

Silver Sponsorship-$1000-includes 10 tickets to Celebration, private reception and recognition at the event

Black Sponsorship-$500-includes 5 tickets to Celebration, private reception and recognition in the program

If you are interested in becoming a Family Strong Celebration sponsor there are multiple ways to do this:

Online Sponsor Registration Form

Download Printable Sponsor Registration Form

FCA Family Strong Celebration Friend Registration

An FCA Celebration Friend is very similar to a table host from previous years.  As an FCA Celebration Friend, your role in the evening will be to:

  1. Be responsible for selling at least 10 tickets ($10 each) or purchasing 10 tickets to give away.

  2. Once you have collected the funds; please give to a FCA board or staff member and your tickets will be mailed to you. Or you can mail a check to:

    FCA PO Box 2414 Dalton, Ga. 30722

  3. Arrive 10-15 minutes early to assist seating your guests (no assigned seats if you want to save seats for you and your friends)

There are multiple ways to sign up to become an FCA Celebration Friend for this event:

Online FCA Friend Registration

Download Printable FCA Friend Registration Form